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Day 12: On bloody blisters and agent based reporting

Beware of the dangers of indoor soccer. Never underestimate the poisonous power of a wound infection. Such are the lessons to be learned from monday’s indoor fun. The very writer of this lines had to take a day off yesterday due to an utter impossibility of walking  and uberguest artist Dennis had to use  a visit that was meant to see his newborn niece for a brief detour to the emergency unit. The diagnosis: blood poisoning. I don’t even wanna think about the nasty procedures involving scalpel knife and an infected foot, but Dennis can be called now a brave man. Other events that could be witnessed from afar was yet another general meeting, that lead to an exiting new format for the showing tonight, a sad outdoor soccer game in a country far far away and the miracle healing of Sweet&Tender’s infected website by the gentle hands of Koen Vandriessche. Bless you, brother!

This is all rather thin on the story level, but let me juice this post up with a little retrospective. Here’s what our heroes did about a week ago, walking and dancing in the woods of the Stadtpark:

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Our very own video channel…


Feel free to spread the word, blogroll, forward, etc…

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Day 11: Dog-mode and biting frenzies

Sunday night’s conspiracy invented the already mentioned “dog mode” and yesterday the pack style of working was finally put into place. Instead of seperating into different rooms almost everyone met in the K4 space to happily co-exist with their work and research. The humble author of this lines wasn’t present in this room and only passed by briefly due to obligations in a recording project – something not really fitting for the bubbly and foremost loud nature of the doggy mode. Nevertheless, even for a brief glimps it looked pleasant, not necessarily concentrated, but certainly energetic and will be continued on the following two days.

In the evening the so called “biting club” met. again, the author is terribly sorry to not have been present again, but reports only based on rumours have a long tradition in all kinds of journalistic format. According to Dennis, one of its founders, the biting club is a game like structure, based on the myth of blood suckers and fanged undying creatures called vampires. Obviously, its simply based on the rule, that in the beginnning of the game, one person is the vampire, ready to infest others, which can be made with a long sucking bite. One can only imagine the frenzy… I only heard it and fled terrified. And if you think that this is odd, the following video might only support you in your opinion…

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…and where did day 9 go? Tell ya what: To keep at least the idea of a weekend, let’s pretend that there was some time off. Let us keep this space in the imagination, unreported, a  blank void on the map, where the curious gazes upon and frowns…. here be dragons?

Monday on the other hand rises full of glory, slightly disoriented and with new modes of operation. A small scale soccer tournament resulted in bloody blisters and sweaty faces. The studios were buzzing. And the journey into the unknown (“alternative modes of productions”) continued:  Sunday night saw a late night conspiracy out of which came “dog mode”. The name suggests the involvement of Valentina “Jungle” Desideri from the radical conspirational wing of S&T. “dog mode” tries to compress the ongoing efforts on a spatial level and suggests all ongoing projects are to be done in one space, K4. Three 5 hour sessions will be held this week, followed by a potential 24 hour one from friday till saturday noon. The horror, the horror, for some, while others are moderatly exited about it. All in all there seems to be an overal tendency to experiment with process and procedures instead of fabricating indivual projects. A daring approach, but what will the next presentation on the 8th be then? Tuesday’s general meeting might bring the answer….

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Day 8: on co-labour and selforganisation

Such was the topic for saturday. What models of working together are existing in the performing art worlds? We skipped the analysis of choreographer run companies, state theatres and other big institutions and looked instead at several models, that were based on the principles of collectivity, friendship, self organisation, sharing of ressources and sharing in general, support and social motivation. Here are some examples: Gängeviertel, goldextra, Rörelsen, Kino5, FingerSix and of course Sweet&Tender. And here is the general idea again, it’s useful to reread it once in a while.

Other highlights of the day included a buffet of theory and drinks, served by our lovely guests from the SODA MA students, that came all the way from Berlin to join us for a day.

A detailed report of the discussion may appear soon hear, but one has to convince the participants first to stop laying in the sun and/or rolling around on the floor and type up the events in some sentences.

Oh, and there was of course…………… dancing.

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Introducing Treffen Total’s smallest participant…

Norovirus (formerly Norwalk agent) is an RNA virus (taxonomic family Caliciviridae) that causes approximately 90% of epidemic non-bacterial outbreaks of gastroenteritis around the world, and may be responsible for 50% of all foodborne outbreaks of gastroenteritis in the US. Norovirus affects people of all ages. The viruses are transmitted by faecally contaminated food or water, by person-to-person contact, and via aerosolization of the virus and subsequent contamination of surfaces.

After infection, immunity to norovirus is usually incomplete and temporary. There is an inherited predisposition to infection, and individuals with blood type O are more often infected, while blood types B and AB can confer partial protection against symptomatic infection.

Outbreaks of norovirus infection often occur in closed or semi-closed communities, such as long-term care facilities, overnight camps, hospitals, prisons, dormitories, and cruise ships where the infection spreads very rapidly either by person-to-person transmission or through contaminated food. Many norovirus outbreaks have been traced to food that was handled by one infected person.

Norovirus is rapidly inactivated by sufficient heating and by chlorine-based disinfectants, but the virus is less susceptible to alcohols and detergents as it does not have a lipid envelope.

UPDATE: the epedemia is under control, everyone is cured and no one is in even remote danger when coming to our presentations…

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Day 7: The end of the beginning

Everything must end and so does week 1 out of 3. Due to a multiplicity of factors a showing was scheduled and what could be more fun then to guide people through a parkour of raw material? On the menu: Gui Garrido’s triple strike extravaganza (Shakers, Singers and Singalongas), Kata punching Georg, an opportunity for the audience to make random constellation of artists to work on random themes next week, plus a geopolitical dramolette about the impossibility of travelling because one has the wrong passport, which was screened and discussed, while champagne was being served. Once more, and here we clearly have a reoccuring pattern, the evening ended with delicious food, splendid conversations and a penalty showdown.

Week one: done. More to come. The second cycle will start with discussions and presentations concerning different models of collaborations. Followed by a party with DJ-battle, peach champagne, vodka and raunchy dancing.

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Die Welt/The World reports…

Alas, we are in the print medium, Hamburg’s local newspaper “Die Welt”. And we are truely happy about it. Apart from the fact that we are not “freie Tanzgruppen” (free dance companies), but a bunch of indivuals that struggle with each other about the past, present and future of art, we are thankful, that the fringy contemporary dance scene can finally breath a little bit of fresh air in the wast fields of media attention.

Read more here.

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Jungle training material

In the age of internetz, we look for information in sometimes dubious environments. None is more banal, great, exiting, stupid and awesome then youtube. And so it came that Valentina Desideri, a treffentotal participant that researches animal motions for her physical practise jungle training found the following animal in the intergalactic depths of youtube:

What a boring place this planet would be without japanese televisison!

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Day 6: Pain and pleasures

Contemporary dance really covers the full spectrum of sensations. In one moment you find yourself in excrutiating pain, working like a donkey, sweat mixing with tears, the next one melting into the floor, in an elysium of relaxation, happiness rushing through your nervous system like bullets through bunnies in the australian hunting season. So day numero six saw again both. On a personal level, the writer of this humble lines had a most relaxing yoga experience in the afternoon, but throughout the day there was not only peace and happiness, but also war. Kungfu in the moring and fight clubs in the afternoon. Despite existing video footage, let us now only listen to soundtrack of the fighting. I then want you to close your eyes and imagine the rest….

The evening seemed like an echo of the previous one: again discussions about collaboration, presentation and production. But this time our heroes actually managed to reach some conclusion, at least when it came to the practical organisation of three upcoming events. The magic tool used for this: comitees!

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