Day 1—–……?

Sorry, but this heat is killing me. Can’t write. Can’t think. Treffen Total transforms into a mini vietnam, feverish temperatures, beats and the jungle is taking over… and who the hell is even reading this? It’s almost 100° celsius by now and all organic life has retreated under water. What the heck. No more information for you, here some videos instead…


At noon the survivors of the 24 hour dog slowly crawled out of the rubble. The K3 rehersal space is filled with tents, sleeping bags, laptops, sugar paper, instruments, yoga mats, beer bottles, cables, pens and various items of clothing. The anti-cyclical division, that hadn’t participated in this over night extravaganza was already in the studios, rehearsing, screaming, recording, moving and editing. The entire day became a split experience of dog survivors and regular workers. Apparently there was some major nasal noise orchestra playing in the dog room, so sleep was a precious good not granted for everyone. And as usual the need for discussion was still present. Never underestimate the need of the human being to be verbal!

But let aside hangover and afterdogs, great things have been done and shown on that friday. Marko Milic had an open rehersal of sexy dancing, a reference to both teen idol choreography and teen bedroom youtube copies of seemingly sexy dancing. Gui Garrido had a brief showing of his “Shake it, Watch it, Kiss it, Lick it,…” cycle and we watched part 2, watch it. A promising micro series, ready to hit large scale opera houses around the globe.

Here’s another promising micro person, that has been a regular visitor to Treffen Total, the mighty Matilda, summersaulting, while the audience enters the room for the presentation:

Day 13: Dog mode diary

This is a new attempt in noncynical and modest reporting. Instead of taking a humorous look back in time, this will be in almost realtime! Let’s have a look at the event of the day: a 24 hour dog mode, starting at noon, is taking place. The beginning was rather slow, but after a few hours the room got into full swing.

At 14.20 we had the following situation:

  1. 4 gracious beauties dancing ballett
  2. 2 equally gracious persons doing ashtanga yoga
  3. 1 guy on the ground, twisting his spins
  4. Jungle Desideri crawling in the background
  5. 3 people, watching videos together
  6. Franz, camping in the corner
  7. various people going in and out of the space
  8. Tillmann, glaring onto the situation from the door…

At 15.20 something like a plan had been formulated. With an emphasis on „something like a“. Our swarm intelligence is busy cleaning up the space, decisions are emerging and degrading in an equal manner and general issues such as beginning and end are being formulated. Oh! A most important piece of information is missing: From 8 till 9pm, the room will be opened to an interested public. Let’s see what this public will encounter tonight….

At 16.20 we have a completly different situation. We are somewhere between parallel working structures and improvisation. Objects are being used or not, acts performed, poses struck, scores done, all under the great premisis: be supportive to each other, try to exist right next to each other, yadiyadiidaa. Interesting mode of exploration? Interesting for the public or „ecco“ (nice to wear, but unpleasent to look at? We’ll see later, when the situation becomes „real“ with a real audience……

18.20: concepts in turmoil. Structure vs. flow. Decision vs. concept. Our heroes question and discuss the initial idea, which went through some hard testing in the afternoon and only partially convinced. Now elaborate strategies are being made… 1h 40min until the arrival of the interested public… wait, what happened to the idea to work for 24 hours?

20.00: We see some auspicious gaffa tape writing, furniture scattered around the space, a table full of cables, iron brushes and tape recorders (=noise artist mc hindi), random sounds playing in space, various attempts in dancing in various forms, some faces filled with dedication, others a bit more questioning and some dude in the corner typing on a laptop. That might be me. Door opens. Audience enters.

20.20: A strange mix of audience with expectations, performers with agenda (Agendae? Agendas?), with some feeling of zoo, installation, happening and utopian setting gone ecco. A group of singers leaning over a laptop, another group improvising on their old injuries, glaring statues with sunglasses staring into space, a curious audience asking questions, a camera team documenting, several circles where people discuss and explain various things. We are told that this is now „installation mode“ and soon we’ll switch into „performance mode“.

20.40: performance *cough* mode. Well, we have people with microphones, some improvising, some fighting, some asking questions, the camera crew still roaming around, the audience scattered across the space in a vague semi circle, a dude in the corner with a laptop, a girl on stage with a laptop reading from it in a fast n furious manner, a girl on a chair sharing her fictional fear of middle eastern men on airplanes, time running out, heat rising and ….alakazam!!! It was over…

Beware of the dangers of indoor soccer. Never underestimate the poisonous power of a wound infection. Such are the lessons to be learned from monday’s indoor fun. The very writer of this lines had to take a day off yesterday due to an utter impossibility of walking  and uberguest artist Dennis had to use  a visit that was meant to see his newborn niece for a brief detour to the emergency unit. The diagnosis: blood poisoning. I don’t even wanna think about the nasty procedures involving scalpel knife and an infected foot, but Dennis can be called now a brave man. Other events that could be witnessed from afar was yet another general meeting, that lead to an exiting new format for the showing tonight, a sad outdoor soccer game in a country far far away and the miracle healing of Sweet&Tender’s infected website by the gentle hands of Koen Vandriessche. Bless you, brother!

This is all rather thin on the story level, but let me juice this post up with a little retrospective. Here’s what our heroes did about a week ago, walking and dancing in the woods of the Stadtpark:


Feel free to spread the word, blogroll, forward, etc…

Sunday night’s conspiracy invented the already mentioned “dog mode” and yesterday the pack style of working was finally put into place. Instead of seperating into different rooms almost everyone met in the K4 space to happily co-exist with their work and research. The humble author of this lines wasn’t present in this room and only passed by briefly due to obligations in a recording project – something not really fitting for the bubbly and foremost loud nature of the doggy mode. Nevertheless, even for a brief glimps it looked pleasant, not necessarily concentrated, but certainly energetic and will be continued on the following two days.

In the evening the so called “biting club” met. again, the author is terribly sorry to not have been present again, but reports only based on rumours have a long tradition in all kinds of journalistic format. According to Dennis, one of its founders, the biting club is a game like structure, based on the myth of blood suckers and fanged undying creatures called vampires. Obviously, its simply based on the rule, that in the beginnning of the game, one person is the vampire, ready to infest others, which can be made with a long sucking bite. One can only imagine the frenzy… I only heard it and fled terrified. And if you think that this is odd, the following video might only support you in your opinion…

…and where did day 9 go? Tell ya what: To keep at least the idea of a weekend, let’s pretend that there was some time off. Let us keep this space in the imagination, unreported, a  blank void on the map, where the curious gazes upon and frowns…. here be dragons?

Monday on the other hand rises full of glory, slightly disoriented and with new modes of operation. A small scale soccer tournament resulted in bloody blisters and sweaty faces. The studios were buzzing. And the journey into the unknown (“alternative modes of productions”) continued:  Sunday night saw a late night conspiracy out of which came “dog mode”. The name suggests the involvement of Valentina “Jungle” Desideri from the radical conspirational wing of S&T. “dog mode” tries to compress the ongoing efforts on a spatial level and suggests all ongoing projects are to be done in one space, K4. Three 5 hour sessions will be held this week, followed by a potential 24 hour one from friday till saturday noon. The horror, the horror, for some, while others are moderatly exited about it. All in all there seems to be an overal tendency to experiment with process and procedures instead of fabricating indivual projects. A daring approach, but what will the next presentation on the 8th be then? Tuesday’s general meeting might bring the answer….